We have executed a wide spectrum of projects for higher education institutes.

Our team has worked with leading higher education institutes for over two decades, and brings a wealth of experience to the table. We enjoy an excellent rapport with high school and higher education counselors in the region. For strategic projects, we leverage our operational expertise and collaborate with your team, and deliver successful outcomes.


Work with us, to generate qualified leads and engage with prospects, in the Indian subcontinent.

Our service offerings usually include the following elements:

- Lead generation, via digital campaigns and outreach with counselors
- Lead qualification, managed by a team of experienced education counselors
- Event management support
- Project reports and analytics


We love win-win scenarios.

Experiential workshops add value to institutes. Key benefits include:

  • High impact engagement with prospective students
  • Great brand visibility and recall
  • Positive word-of-mouth potential

Experiential workshops add value to students, by giving them first-hand exposure to a concept or a stream of study. We co-design immersive learning experiences with your team, and include elements like lectures, interactive exercises and games.

Before proposing workshops themes and formats, we spend time with our clients, understanding their ethos, programs and the outcomes they desire.


Seminars are a tried and tested way to connect with leads, and share information about programs and career outcomes. We have organized 160+ seminars, across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka for our partners and clients. Quality over quantity has always been our mantra.

Higher education institutes can choose an event format that works for them, from a time and resource perspective.

  • Presentations

Deliver a presentation to a captive audience, within an institute or at a neutral venue. In case a faculty member or an admission representative cannot travel specifically for a seminar, a member from our team can be trained to represent your institute.

  • Panel Discussions

Organize a panel discussion, between working professionals from a specific industry, your faculty, your alumni, or a combination of the above.


Promote your summer programs to premier high schools within the Indian subcontinent. We have witnessed a surge in interest for summer programs, from students in India. They serve as a great conversion tool, and build a strong pipeline for future undergraduate enrollments.


Work with us, to forge a stronger and deeper connect with your alumni.


Zista Education can work with alumni in the Indian subcontinent, and create video testimonials for your institute. We work with a professional video crew that is based in India.

Key Advantages:

  • We understand the mindset, attitude, insecurities and aspirations of local students
  • We marry our insights and your brand positioning, to create high impact video assets

Institutes get an opportunity to exploit a fantastic video asset on multiple platforms. Alumni get a feeling of pride and joy, to be featured by and associate with, their institute.


Add value to your alumni by organizing events that they are likely to appreciate.

Alumni Event Examples

  • A guest lecture from an industry stalwart
  • Networking and meet-n-greet reunion events

Our team would be happy to collaborate with your alumni department, and propose event formats that are in sync with your engagement objectives


In-house education counselors are often the first point of reference, for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Engaging with this tightly-knit community is a must!
Basis our interactions with your team and our understanding of your program portfolio, we will shortlist schools and institutes in the region, that are likely to be a good fit for your university.


Meet counselors face-to-face, and give them a first-hand introduction to your university and your programs. Personal interaction can result in more student references, higher brand recall, and open a channel of communication between premier schools and your university / institute.

We have cultivated trust, and working relationships, with leading IB, A-Level, Edexcel, CBSE and ISC schools in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  Work with our team and plan info sessions, that fit in and around your market visits. It is critically important, to plan such events well in advance.

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