A dedicated and qualified person manages on-the-ground engagement and serves as a single point of contact for your university, in the Indian subcontinent.

Partners avail this service, to lay critical foundation blocks for long term growth, whilst working towards pre-determined short-term goals. Our in-country reps don many hats, and interact with key stakeholders in the ecosystem – students, parents, counselors, alumni and industry.

We provide dedicated office space and infrastructure to support your in-country rep, and help you comply with legal, tax and HR regulations in the country.

Customized Solutions for Every Partner

Partners can exclude specific service elements or request for additional elements. We are happy engage in constructive dialogue with you, understand your unique challenges and strengths, before proposing a custom solution for your university or institute.

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If you would like to make inroads in to the Indian subcontinent or enhance visibility and outreach for your institute, please contact a member in our team.
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