The Global Hospitality Education Expo is the definitive higher education event in India, for subject areas like hospitality, culinary, baking & pastry, luxury, events and tourism. As a leader in the hospitality education counseling space, we are delighted to organize an expo, that adds value to students and participating institutes.

The Global Hospitality Education Expo will bring together the best hospitality and culinary schools under one roof, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Students get an opportunity to meet with the finest institutes from across the globe, and interact with them during the career fair and breakout sessions.
Educational Institutes get access to students who are genuinely interested in hospitality and/or culinary arts. The event will attract both, undergraduate and postgraduate students.
School/College Counselors get a platform to learn about hospitality, forge connections, and encourage interested students to participate in an event that simplifies college and course selection.

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SEPT 28, 2019


SEPT 29, 2019


OCT 02, 2019


OCT 05, 2019


OCT 06, 2019

Confirmed Participants: Global Hospitality Education Expo 2019

Videos: Global Hospitality Education Expo 2018

Global Hospitality Education Expo 2018 - Overview
Global Hospitality Education Expo 2018 - Students & Counselor Testimonials

Student Testimonials: Global Hospitality Education Expo 2018

This exposure was wonderful. The way the institutes explained the programs, kind of opened doors for me, and made me understand what I can do ahead.
Postgraduate Student Hospitality
What attracted me to this event was the sheer idea of a niche, dedicated expo. Everywhere you go you need to hunt for your specialty; here, every desk I went to had something to offer me.
Working Professional Hospitality
My parents and I drove down from Pune for this event. I am happy that we made it. We got info that you don’t normally get online.
Undergraduate Student
I think it is really essential to have an expo like this because people don’t really know much about PG and MBA courses in hospitality.
Working Professional IT
It was good, they were really helpful…most of the representatives. I went to see, like, 5-6 colleges. They had a lot of information for me, a lot of advice…that was really nice
Undergraduate Student IT

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