The Digital Mosaic service offering from Zista Education, combines seemingly disparate elements, under one cohesive digital lead generation strategy. We synergize different elements, to create high impact lead generation campaigns for higher education institutes.

Zista Education has executed 200+ digital campaigns in the Indian subcontinent, for higher education institutes. We bring a consulting flavour to our lead generation efforts, and we are excited to DO THE NEW, for you and with you.



  • Knowledge: Our operational experience in the region, help us design and execute effective digital campaigns
  • Insights: We have run 200+ digital campaigns in the higher education space. Our insights enable us to improve and ideate


Our understanding of your institute and programs, help us to refine our targeting parameters and approach.

  • Geography: Cities, towns and localities
  • Education: High schools and local higher education institutes
  • TG: Demographic and psychographic variables


Our solution encompasses all the critical elements of your digital campaign.

  • Platforms: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Email, WhatsApp
  • Design: Ads, Landing Pages, Banners, Videos, Infographics
  • Communication: Art & Copy, Brand Positioning, Key Messages



  • Dedicated Account Manager: An experienced account manager works as your single-point-of-contact
  • Campaign Plan: Before we begin, you request you to review our project plan and the estimated outcomes
  • Analytics & Reports: Our wrap-up reports highlight what worked for your institute and why


  • Lead Qualification: A team of education counselors contact and qualify each lead
  • Basic Counseling: A dedicated person provides a few counseling sessions to students who seem interested

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If you would like to make inroads in to the Indian subcontinent or enhance visibility and outreach for your institute, please contact a member in our team.
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